Publish by : Jeff Winch
Floating Market 15 This photograph sums up my feeling about the Vietnamese character. I found the people to be perhaps the loveliest I have ever encountered. Everywhere I went they were welcoming, generous, calm, patient and fun loving. They also seemed genuinely happy too, even though they own very little.  I must have seen dozens of smiles like this every day when I was there. What makes this photo doubly appealing to me is that the woman is in the process of delivering a bowl of Pho - a staple Vietnamese soup that is incredibly healthy and addictive! The photograph was taken at a floating market, and the woman is standing in a small boat leaning into our boat. Inside the cabin of the boat her husband is crouched, cooking and preparing the Pho orders. Their family has been serving food in the market for generations and the pot they are using use has been cooking Pho for 20 years! Floating Market 19  

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