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From the outset, CECI has favoured a partnership approach to its projects. To maximize the impact of our actions, we work closely with partner organizations that share our vision and values. These partnerships are not simply collaborations, but synergies aimed at generating a positive overall impact for the communities we seek to support.

We meticulously choose our partners based on their proven ability to deliver significant and sustainable impact, aligning closely with CECI's capacities. Clear and measurable results are set from the start, with performance indicators guiding our assessment. Our detailed process ensures that objectives are achieved, fostering a positive impact for both CECI and our partners. We attach great importance to the quality of our projects, conducting thorough risk assessments for collaboration and partner organization operations. This proactive stance minimizes potential risks for the communities we work with and ensures the long-term success of our initiatives.

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Mutual Collaboration

Dialogue is the key to our relationships with our partners. We foster open and transparent relationships, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experience. In addition, we find it essential to clearly establish the roles and responsibilities of each party, while establishing a governance framework for the relationship, thus fostering ongoing dialogue and rigorous monitoring of the partnership. Maintaining a constant and constructive dialogue on social responsibility issues with all stakeholders is necessary to guarantee the effectiveness and sustainability of our projects.

Associate Profiles

Employer and Professional AssociationsVolunteer opportunities

Do you represent a dynamic organization looking to offer an international opportunity to its employees or members?

CECI provides you with the opportunity to mobilize your employees within your professional networks, as part of supervised and secure volunteering mandates. We welcome partners in fields aligned with the skills we're looking for, offering a unique opportunity for your members to export their expertise internationally and promote volunteering opportunities to your talents.

As a partner, you'll not only be enriching your members' professional portfolios, but you'll also be making a significant contribution on a global scale. In addition, partner employers, such as professional service firms, municipalities and universities, will have the opportunity to strengthen their societal impact, while maintaining their BCorp certification, by fulfilling their volunteering obligations. CECI, in return, offers benefits, such as training, personal development opportunities and improved employee retention.

Researchers and Research PartnersWant to co-create knowledge with us?

CECI is looking for academic partners willing to collaborate on research projects and protocols related to international solidarity from the perspective of gender equality, rights and diversity, women's economic empowerment, or adaptation to climate change.

We offer a secure action-research context that responds to the concrete needs of local partners, practical action-research mandates rooted in the reality of programming countries, as well as a strong co-development process and work ethic.

Outreach Partners in CanadaHow can you strengthen the reach of your outreach initiatives?

Does your organization aspire to raise awareness and engage the public on critical issues, such as women's economic empowerment, gender equality, rights and diversity, or adaptation to climate change?  CECI invites partners committed to these issues to collaborate. You'll be able to integrate international solidarity challenges in your awareness-raising activities, thus creating synergies between your mission and CECI's fields of action.

As an organization with a proven track record in our program countries, CECI brings solid expertise to the table. We mobilize expert partners, specialists and volunteers to share their experiential knowledge at events.  In addition, collaborating offers the opportunity to develop joint public engagement campaigns, strengthening the impact and reach of awareness-raising initiatives.

CorporateHow can I make a significant philanthropic gesture as a company?

Making a corporate donation can contribute to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. In spite of many of our projects addressing issues in fields, such as of natural resource management, entrepreneurial development and women's rights; all companies, including professional services firms and the fashion industry, have the opportunity to improve their CSR with us.

By collaborating with CECI, you can test your products or services in an international context and contribute to responsible initiatives. CECI offers credible accountability and the possibility of facilitating supply processes by accompanying partner cooperatives to improve their production capacities.

The collaborative process involves the establishment of common objectives to support the co-development of the communities we accompany. It also includes stages of due diligence, the development of a project plan, and, in some cases, a deposit with funding partners.

International Financial PartnersHow can I support CECI financially?

At CECI, we warmly thank our current financial partners for their ongoing commitment, which is essential to the realization of sustainable initiatives to improve the living conditions of women and girls.

We are constantly seeking new financial partners to strengthen our impact. Having gained the trust of renowned donors and foundations, we invite other partners to join us. By collaborating with CECI, you fund sustainable initiatives that have a direct impact on the communities we serve.

Interested in joining our cause? Explore partnership opportunities with CECI. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of the women, girls and communities we support.

Women Entrepreneurs in SolidarityHow can we support entrepreneurial leadership?

CECI seeks to establish links between committed women entrepreneurs eager to live a unique twinning experience. We facilitate encounters between women entrepreneurs seeking to enrich their knowledge of an international market and to innovate by discovering other successful business models abroad.

Twinning offers a unique opportunity to learn from each other, share experiences and explore new perspectives. By building bridges between women entrepreneurs, we help to strengthen solidarity and promote innovation in the business world.

If you're ready to explore new entrepreneurial frontiers, share your skills, or support a female entrepreneur through a matching grant, join us today!

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