About CECI

Who Are We?

Founded in 1958, CECI (Centre d'étude et de coopération internationale) is an international organization that works for sustainable and inclusive development.

Our Mission

CECI works to create an egalitarian and inclusive world without poverty.

Our Aspirations

At CECI, we aspire to a world where women, girls and their communities achieve shared and sustainable prosperity and wellbeing. Together with our partners, we co-create and support innovative solutions that strengthen the power and leadership of women, girls and vulnerable communities. These solutions contribute to developing inclusive, fair and effective economic and governance systems, climate change resilience and peacebuilding. Gender equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Presence

CECI is an international organization with a presence in over 10 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas working to support communities in developing sustainable systems.


Burkina Faso


Côte d'Ivoire








Democratic Republic of the Congo


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Our Approach

In partnership with key actors, CECI focuses its efforts on fragile contexts to promote innovative solutions and transformative gender-based approaches centred on inclusive markets and collective action. Our actions are designed to scale best practices across broader political and institutional systems.

Sustainable Development Projects

With our partners, we co-create and implement sustainable development projects designed with and rooted in local communities.

Innovation, Research and Scaling

By supporting innovative solutions and conducting impact research, CECI helps to advance knowledge to solve major development challenges. Drawing on evidence and specialist expertise, CECI provides advisory support to partners from civil society, the private sector and government and supports advocacy to advance policy and institutional frameworks.

International Cooperation

Innovation, exchange, and the cross-pollination of knowledge at both the national and international level are at the heart of our work, and this is exemplified by our Voluntary Cooperation Program. We encourage collaboration between individuals from diverse backgrounds and help to build bridges between nations through intercultural exchange and international solidarity.

Our Values

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We believe that all human beings have a common purpose and that together we can take on the challenges we face. We therefore promote collaboration between individuals and help to build bridges between nations through intercultural exchange and international solidarity.


We respect the individuals and peoples with whom we work, and this means respecting differences of all kinds. We reject all forms of harassment or discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or religion. We strive to cultivate the conditions for mutually enriching intercultural relationships.


We believe that all people are entitled to the same rights and dignity. We work for equality between men and women, both within our own organization and in society at large.


We firmly believe in all of our values. To fully achieve our mission, we are committed to doing everything in our power, by free choice and out of deep conviction, to stay faithful to them in everything we do.


Individually and collectively, we make the commitment to act with integrity. This means that we will always conduct each of our actions in an irreproachable manner, in full compliance with our mission and values, and in not giving in to any form of corruption.

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