Looking down alleys

Publish by : Jeff Winch
This blog uses 8 of my photos to translate some of my experience as a Uniterra volunteer in Vietnam. This is the first of those 8 photos. Alley activity 6Alleys like this are everywhere in Vietnam and it's incredible how much goes back and forth in them. People on scooters, bicycles and on foot are transporting food, ice, bricks, sand, glass, furniture, meat and anything else you can imagine. If you stand still and watch, it's surprising how quickly business flows in front of you. The busyness is not particular - men, women, children, seniors - everyone is on the move. I love the energy and bustle in these tight spaces and all the packages being picked up and dropped off. I don't know what's in the large green sack in the street or what it's for but I bet that little boy with the bucket does. This photograph is taken in a city called Tra Vinh in the Mekong Delta. It's about 7:30 in the morning and the day is already humming like a bee hive in summer. I found many of the Vietnamese people start their day around 5 AM and by 7 things are in full swing.  

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