Ouaga Favourites

Burkina Faso
Publish by : Susan Brown

Parc Bangr Weogo

Three or four times a week I walk for an hour in this park which is located conveniently close to where I live. I usually go out just after 7 am while it is still cool enough. There are not a lot of people out at that hour but enough to give a sense of security. The birds are brightly coloured and beautiful. There are even peacocks in residence. Some mornings I have spotted up to five crocodiles sun bathing in the marsh, they are not fenced so I tend to walk by them quite rapidly.

Parc Bangr Weogo

Life size wooden sculpture dot the pathways - is in my favourite.



Café de Viennes

SB_03Café de Viennes in Koulouba serves the best latte in Ouaga, I go every Saturday morning after my yoga class.

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