Ongoing project

Temporary work program (PTT)

Women's and girls' rightsWomen’s Economic Empowerment

May 2022 to March 2024

Funding partner

$100,000 CAD

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)

Impact for

2,000 potential temporary workers

In collaboration with Guatemala's Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the PTT aims to strengthen the skills and capacities of Guatemalan temporary workers abroad by implementing initiatives to develop personal, cultural, linguistic and professional skills in order to reduce their vulnerability. 

It directly involves 25 civil servants from the partner ministry and 105 men and women who are part of the program. We facilitate their professional integration with dignity and respect, enabling them to access decent jobs in the foreign labor market through regular, orderly and safe migration. The program's priority is to offer accompaniment and career guidance services for Guatemalan temporary workers so that they can benefit from a better employability situation abroad.


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Strengthen the capacity of the temporary work program's operational team

On the one hand, this project targets Guatemalan officials responsible for the TTP in order to improve their understanding of and support for employees working abroad. Aimed at the program's operational team, training is offered to better support workers abroad in choosing temporary employment, but also in defending their rights.

Develop financial literacy among women heads of household

PTT promotes the financial inclusion of women heads of household who receive remittances from temporary workers. We ensure that they have access to and use appropriate financial products and services (credit, savings, insurance, etc.). The program promotes proper family budget management and entrepreneurship.

Establishing a protocol in cases of workplace violence

The program aims to support Guatemalan temporary workers by helping them draw up a protocol to be followed in the event of violence or harassment in the context of working abroad. Particularly attentive to violence against women, this protocol aims to reduce the vulnerability of participants.

Coping with unemployment in Guatemala

Supporting temporary workers in a context of regular migration

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), Guatemala accounts for 49.3% of the total number of jobs at risk, representing 3.4 million jobs. Women and young people are particularly affected. The surge in informal employment and irregular migration remains a fundamental problem in Guatemala, increasing the vulnerability of local populations. 

It was against this backdrop of migration crisis, economic exploitation and poverty that the Ministry of Labor and Social Security created the PTT. It gives Guatemalan workers access to decent jobs on the foreign labor market.

Results that count

Quality jobs for workers who know their rights


civil servants trained to raise awareness among PTT participants


PTT men and women trained in English and/or conversational French


women trained in financial education


potential temporary workers to use the new PTT tools

Our partners

Thank you to our financial and implementation partners, without whom this project would not be possible.

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