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Response to the Humanitarian Needs of Vulnerable Host and Displaced Communities in Agriculture, WASH and Protection in the Regions of Tombouctou and Mopti in Mali (BHA-2)

Women's and girls' rightsAdapting to climate changeInclusive Governance and Peacebuilding

June 2022 - June 2024

Financial contribution

$3,000,000 CAD

Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA, ex-OFDA)

Impact for

145,985 targeted beneficiaries

including over 50% women and 59% displaced persons

In Mali, there are 8.8 million people in need, including a large number of internally displaced persons. Armed attacks create a climate of insecurity, and droughts seriously affect the agricultural sector, for example. The BHA-2 project is being implemented in two particularly hard-hit regions: Timbuktu (circles of Timbuktu, Gourma-Rharous, Goundam and Niafunké) and Mopti (circles of Mopti and Djenné). 

With the support of our local partner Association Subhai Gumo (ASG), our overall aim is to strengthen household resilience by supporting their livelihood activities, protecting women in vulnerable situations, ensuring better access to water and promoting good hygiene practices


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Improve agricultural production for vulnerable households in displaced and host communities

The BHA-2 project relies on the distribution of food vouchers and seeds to increase production in vulnerable farming households and reduce negative coping mechanisms. In addition, the distribution of tools supports the rehabilitation and cleaning of irrigation canals. The project also includes a training component on best agricultural practices.

Improve access to drinking water and encouraging good hygiene practices

To ensure safe water, BHA-2 has installed multi-use systems that separate water for livestock from that for people. Water purification kits have been added to each supply site and provided to vulnerable households. In addition, we offer training in water management and awareness-raising sessions on good hygiene practices.

Prevent gender-based violence in target communities

We work with women's groups to raise community awareness of gender-based violence and the intervention services available. Boys, men and community leaders are involved through Husband Schools, groups that aim to understand the roots of violence and support positive masculinities.

Humanitarian needs

Supporting access to drinking water and agriculture for vulnerable households

Marked by insecurity, conflict and the adverse effects of climate change, the people of Mali need support to improve agricultural production, access to drinking water and prevent gender-based violence. Villages and communes in the Mopti and Timbuktu regions are heavily affected by migration, violence and natural disasters such as droughts and floods. 

Due to the lack of functional wells, communities collect water for human consumption from gardens or pastoral wells, for example. BHA-2 supports these communities by rehabilitating wells with a multi-use system, and representative committees take charge of appropriate sanitation practices. Communities are also supported through the distribution of seeds and farming tools. In addition, BHA-2 supports women's groups and husbands' schools to help transform gender relations

Meaningful Results

Quantifying progress ensures actions are tailored to humanitarian needs

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