Ongoing project

Resilient Girls and Education (FIERES)

Women's and girls' rights

2022 to 2027

Financial contribution

$12,700,000 CAD

Global Affairs Canada

Consortium partner

Fondation Paul Gérin-Lajoie (FPGL)

Impact for

330,000 people

sensitized to girls' right to education


In Mali, a country with a literacy rate of 78% among women, the FIERES project aims to promote access for girls and adolescents to quality, equitable, and locally relevant education. FIERES is implemented in the regions of San, Mopti, and Timbuktu.

The project is carried out with our consortium partner, the Paul Gérin-Lajoie Foundation, as well as six Malian organizations: the Sahel Association for Women and Children's Assistance (ASSAFE), Action for Rural Training and Self-Promotion (AFAR), Subaahi Gumo Association (ASG), Development, Integration, and Valorization of Women's Roles (DIVAROF), the Association for the Progress and Defense of Women's Rights (APDF), and the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE).


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Increase access to education for vulnerable girls and adolescents

In a context marked by instability, violence, and insecurity, in addition to traditional barriers to girls' education in Mali, FIERES aims to increase access to education for girls and adolescents by addressing these barriers. The project also aims to support the educational journey of the most vulnerable, such as displaced girls

Improve learning conditions for girls and adolescents

Constrained by the social and security context, the Malian education system faces a serious loss of instructional time. Students spend 30% less time in class than expected, which impacts their outcomes. FIERES is making efforts to improve the formal and non-formal learning conditions for girls and adolescents.

Strengthen the participation of adolescent girls in decision-making processes

Within schools, other learning environments, their communities, and in the labor market, girls and adolescents are often not invited to participate in decision-making. FIERES raises awareness among communities and institutions about the role they can play.

Primary, Secondary Education, and Vocational Training

Because every girl and adolescent deserves education, none will be excluded

The FIERES project caters to all girls and adolescents, with a special focus on those in vulnerable situations. Out-of-school girls, nomadic populations, displaced individuals, and adolescents who have experienced early pregnancies can restart their education with the support of FIERES. The project emphasizes access to primary and secondary education while also promoting alternative educational pathways to ensure continuity of learning in case of disruptions in formal schooling.

Some out-of-school adolescents may not be able to integrate into formal education. In such cases, FIERES accompanies them through vocational training programs. The project facilitates their integration into the labor market or the initiation of independent activities, enabling them to generate their own income.

Meaningful Results

We take pride in the outcomes of this project. Local communities are mobilized to encourage access to education for girls and adolescents.


people aware to the rights of girls to education


students supported, including over 12,000 girls


schools involved in the regions of San, Mopti, and Timbuktu


adult women, aged 20 to 60, mobilized for the defense of the rights of girls and adolescents

Our partners

Thank you to our financial, consortium, and implementing partners without whom this project could not be realized.

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