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Project to Support Institutional and Technical Reforms for Equity (PARITÉ)

Burkina Faso
Women's and girls' rights

October 2019 - October 2024

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$9,605,000 CAD

Global Affairs Canada

Impact for

All Burkinabe women, men, youth, and children

With a high rate of illiteracy and 1.5 million children unable to attend school, the government of Burkina Faso seeks to improve access to education. In collaboration with our partner Alinéa International, PARITY is being implemented in the Hauts-Bassins, Centre-Nord, and Est regions. It supports the training of responsible and competent citizens to promote the country's economic and social development through quality and equitable education for girls and boys.

Government structures are involved in the project, with the most important being the Ministry of National Education, Literacy, and Promotion of National Languages (MENAPLN). The success of the project also relies on the participation of parent-teacher associations (APE and AME) and the School Management Committee.


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Integrating Gender Priorities into the School Curriculum

The PARITÉ project provides technical support to the MENAPLN to ensure that gender priorities are well integrated into basic education. The project also promotes equitable access for girls to education through awareness-raising, adaptation of school facilities, training of teachers in gender-sensitive pedagogy, and prevention of violence, pregnancies, and early marriages.

Improving Learning Outcomes for Girls

The PARITÉ project trains teachers and supports schools in implementing relevant measures to create an environment conducive to the success of girls. We collaborate with the MENAPLN and take into account assessments of academic achievements to implement strategies and tools that improve the quality of learning for girls.

Managing Public Resources in a Healthy and Effective Manner

The PARITÉ project assists the MENAPLN in establishing healthy and effective management of public finances at both central and decentralized levels. A performance audit of the entire procurement chain within MENAPLN has been conducted, and the results enable the implementation of the best mechanisms and control devices.

Inclusive Education

Enabling the Education of Children and Youth with Gender-Sensitive Pedagogy to Shape Tomorrow's Citizens of Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso ranks among the poorest countries globally, where a vast majority of adults rely on subsistence agriculture. Early and unwanted pregnancies, along with forced marriages, contribute to the nearly 60% illiteracy rate. PARITY supports the Burkinabe government in its efforts to address this situation.

To bring back 1.5 million children to school, the government has developed the Strategic Program for Basic Education Development, prioritizing access to quality education. We strengthen the capacities of professionals and institutions to adopt educational practices that promote inclusion and learning for girls, as well as improve education management. Other stakeholders are also involved in our initiatives, notably through exchange forums between schools, facilitating the adoption of best practices.

Meaningful Results

The Benefits of Education Extend Far Beyond the Number of Enrolled Children. It's the Whole Society that Benefits!

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