Revealing the Winners of the CECI 2023 Awards


It is with great pleasure that we contact you to announce the names of the people who have been awarded the CECI 2023 prizes.

These awards were officially presented at our Annual General Meeting on October 12, 2023.

The Women in Action Award recognizes any individual, woman or man, who has made a significant contribution to equality between women and men.

Ms. Christine Muhongerwa from Rwanda was awarded the Women in Action Prize 2023. Many congratulations to Ms. Christine!

Ms. Christine MUHONGERWA, SaferRwanda’s executive director is a passionate advocate for gender equality and women’s rights playing a significant role in integrating gender mainstreaming strategies within all the organization programs and national policies. She ensures gender-responsive programs result in increased access to economic opportunities for vulnerable women and girls. Her advocacy efforts amplify women's voices and drive various projects addressing women's issues and rights. For example, she co-initiated a project with CECI, and 25 teen mothers and other vulnerable women were empowered, Displaying her dedication to women's rights and social inclusion. Christine's work promotes skills, equal access, participation, and protection, leaving a lasting impact on gender equality in Rwanda.

The Rosario Demers Award recognizes a volunteer involved in one of CECI's volunteer cooperation programs who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and who has made a significant contribution to a CECI initiative.

Mr. Bourré Ndiaye from Sénégal was awarded The Rosario Demers Prize 2023. Many congratulations to Mr. Bourré!

Mr. Bourré Ndiaye is currently a volunteer with CECI's Volunteer Cooperation program in Senegal. From 2017 to 2023, he completed five mandates in Senegal and one in Burkina Faso. All these mandates were achieved thanks to the partnership of the Uniterra and PCV programs in Senegal with four local organizations. Mr. Bourré has contributed to the development of CECI and its various partner organizations, drawing on the practical experience he has accumulated over the course of his career and his proven skills in the field of ICT. He has made a major contribution to the development of digital content for CECI and its partners.

"My primary objective has always been to generate a positive impact in vulnerable communities, using my dedication and passion. This recognition motivates me to redouble my efforts, raise awareness, and contribute to the humanitarian objectives led by CECI. I believe strongly in the expression: Acting for equality", declared Mr. Bourré Ndiaye.

You can watch the video of thanks in the following link:

We would like to thank and congratulate the teams that submitted their applications.

We would also like to thank the members of the selection committee who were available to evaluate the applications and award the prizes.

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