CECI Nepal Newsletter November 2013

Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to publish the second issue of the CECI Newsletter. This issue presents a glimpse into our project activities and major achievements.

CECI projects mainly support livelihoods development, governance, social inclusion and capacity building of partner organizations and CBOs. The Program for Accountability in Nepal (PRAN), which promotes demand-side engagement for better governance, and improved transparency, and accountability in Nepal. This program raises awareness amongst local people about their rights and enhances the capacity of civil society and government actors to promote social accountability.

The Multi Stakeholder Forestry Project implemented by a consortium of IDS (Lead agency), Ashmita, Himawanti and CECI promotes private sector involvement in forestry sector for increased economic development and livelihoods for rural communities through sustainable management of forest resources. The project promotes capacity building of local organizations working with District Forest Offices.

CECI mobilizes Canadian and Australian Volunteers to support the development initiatives in Nepal. These Volunteers are placed in NGOs, CBOs and Government agencies with an aim to support in their technical and managerial enhancement. The focus of Volunteer Programs is livelihoods, business promotion, environment, education, health, gender equality and institutional development of partner organizations.

The pages that follow give details of our work in various sectors and showcase how contributions have been made to the development of rural populations. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners in government, donors, civil society and other agencies for their continued support. We also look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions for improving this newsletter. Lastly, I would like to thank Ms. Mallika Bhattarai who has worked hard to bring out this newsletter.

Keshava Koirala, Country Representative
​CECI Nepal

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