Annual campaign - Title: 65 years of CECI: women at the heart of change

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65 years of solidarity and transformative action with women, this is the theme of CECI's annual campaign this year.

Our experience and achievements are made possible by a strong international team and a rich and continuous collaboration with our local partners in the countries where we’re present. This sharing is fundamental to achieving lasting change in favour of the full emancipation of women.

Women are at the heart of our projects. Through their daily actions, they protect, innovate, work and make decisions for their own well-being as well as that of their families and their communities. The sustainable development projects we implement with our partners aim to strengthen their leadership, so that their voices are heard and they can actively participate in decision-making in their communities. 

We invite you to support women's leadership to advance their rights and the education of girls, to contribute to the development of their businesses and their economic power, and to support the climate actions they implement as part of our annual campaign.  

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Women at the heart of our priorities 

All our projects focus on the following 4 priorities:

  • Women's and girls' rights
  • Strengthening women's economic power
  • Climate change adaptation and women's leadership 
  • Inclusive governance and peace-building in fragile contexts or protracted crises

Women at the heart of our projects

To date, we have contributed to the transformation and development of communities through:

  • a positive impact on over 30 million people
  • the training of 15,000 volunteers
  • the collaboration with over 8,000 local organizations
  • our presence in over 30 countries 

You too can support CECI for a more just and sustainable future! 

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