2016 International Forum: A fresh take on inclusive economic development

From January 22 - 23, more than 530 international development specialists, researchers, representatives from the private sector, civil society members from the global South and young agents of change gathered in Ottawa for a cross-sectoral conversation on some of the most pressing issues for international development at the fifth annual WUSC and CECI International Forum.

This year's participants dug in deep to reflect on the obstacles and opportunities for more inclusive economies as a driver of more inclusive societies. Together, we discussed ways to take collaborative action for youth and women around the world.

Now that the Forum is over, you can help us keep the conversation going. Review and reflect on the event's presentations on our new Resources Page and add your voice to the online conversation.



Local Leadership

Contributing to women’s economic empowerment in developing countries requires close partnership with reliable organizations that will nurture women’s leadership in their community.

Inclusive Approach

Women's economic empowerment is not an independent pursuit. It depends on the engagement of the entire family: men and children, included.

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Holistic Approach

Enhancing youth employability requires the involvement of all social and economic stakeholders to generate solutions and create positive change.


Young entrepreneurship requires passion, ambition, energy, idealism and mobility. But adapted training, mentorship and financial support are also necessary ingredients to success.

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Beyond CSR

We all share a vision of a more sustainable world. Moving beyond traditional Corporate Social Responsibility toward collaborative models of engagement will help us better manage growth, equality and inclusivity.

Corporate Volunteering

A win-win-win model, even short term volunteering can have long-term impacts if focused on results and done in collaboration with local communities.

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