Launch of management and leadership training for the Garage FemmeAuto (WomanCar)

Publish by : Yasmine F.
The launch of management and leadership training for the Garage FemmeAuto, translated WomanCar, was realized, in mid-November 2017, in the presence of Mrs. MBOUP and her employees, Mrs. NDIONE, Mrs. GOUDIABY, Head of the resource center documentation and information, Dr. MONDO, a Canadian volunteer assigned to the Directorate of Planning and Projects and some colleagues from the Communication crew, to immortalize everything. The official opening of the training makes it possible to present the outline of the training and to remind the beneficiaries that it is the State that offers them the training. In addition, the importance of the training is emphasized and they are reminded that they will be evaluated at the end of the training and that they must obtain the pass mark in order to receive their certification. But let's go back a bit in time. In the spring of 2017, Mrs. Coumba MBOUP approached the Office national de formation professionnelle (ONFP) or National Office of Vocational Training to request management training for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and training in automotive electronics. Before continuing, who is this Mrs. MBOUP? She is an ambitious woman who, in 2006, decided to leave her job at a local dealer to set up her own business. She opens the Garage FemmeAuto, which specializes in car maintenance and repair. She is a graduate of the Technical Professional Training Center (CFPT / Senegal Japan). She is currently leading a team of technicians.

From left to right: Mrs. NDIONE, Trainer at EDICOF and Mrs. MBOUP, Founder and Director of the Garage FemmeAuto


From left to right: Dr. MONDO, Canadian volunteer assigned to the Planning and Projects Directorate (PPD) and Mrs. GOUDIABY, Head of the Center of Resources, Documentation and Information

Thus, following her request, the ONFP used the service of EDICOF, a respected operator for ONFP. The trainer of EDICOF is Mrs. Anta NDIONE. She has a lot of experience in the field of SME management training and is able to adapt according to the clientele in front of her. She even carries out training modules in French or Wolof, as needed (see the banner photo where she speaks to the group in both languages). The Director of Training Engineering, Mr. SENE, Mrs. MBOUP and Mrs. NDIONE and I organized a meeting to better understand the training needs of Garage FemmeAuto employees. Subsequently, Mrs. NDIONE proposed training modules, which I reviewed as an engineering officer. Finally, the modules were made. The Training Technical Implementation Document is completed, as well as an assistance agreement and a letter of engagement. Once approved, the training can take place. During the training, the officer in charge of the file at the ONFP, it is about me that it is question here, must go on the place of the training a few days after it began to carry out a follow-up. There, we make sure that everything goes smoothly and above all, that the list of beneficiaries of the training is up to date. I wish for the Garage FemmeAuto to strengthen its management and leadership skills and one day open other branches in Dakar.

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