Una delegación de socios latinoamericanos de visita en Canadá (en inglés)

A delegation of Latin-American entrepreneurs and producers of cacao, coffee and quinoa will visit Canada April 9 to 22 through the Uniterra Volunteer Cooperation Program, which is jointly managed by WUSC and CECI. The delegation will comprise ten representatives from cooperatives and businesses in Peru, Bolivia and Guatemala, three countries where the Uniterra program operates.

The main purpose of this visit will be to attend the International Food Exhibition, slated for April 13 – 15 at Montreal’s Palais des Congrès, where the delegates hope to create partnerships with Canadian Businesses and cooperatives and to expand their business relationships and international activities.  

The delegation plans to meet with Canadian importers of their products and with Quebec and Ontario cooperatives, chocolate makers, maple syrup producers and other actors in their respective industries. The Latin-American entrepreneurs and producers will use this opportunity to promote their products, learn new techniques of processing chocolate, learn more about the Canadian market and share their knowledge with various actors, in the spirit of international cooperation.

Two 5 à 7s will be held in honour of the delegation. The events will be open to the public and offer a chance to talk with the delegates and taste their chocolates and coffees. The Chocolate Academy will host the first event on Tuesday, April 12 in Montreal. Come and taste the fine chocolates of Peru prepared by Quebec chefs! The “5 à 7 Choco-latté” event at Le Troquet in Gatineau will be a wonderful occasion to taste the delicious chocolates and coffees of Peruvian and Guatemalan entrepreneurs.

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