Tejido Dhaka: una vía económica para las mujeres rurales nepalesas (en inglés)

Ms. Buddhi Maya Lama, resident of the Bethanchowk Rural Municipality in Nepal, became involved with the Punarnirman Project because of her interest in Dhaka weaving. Since 2017, CECI has been implementing a long-term economic recovery project, the Punarnirman Project, to improve the economic conditions of 18,000 women and men affected by the 2015 earthquake, through the promotion of gender-responsive and environmentally sustainable economic enterprises and employable skills.

While visiting her relatives in Kathmandu, Buddhi Maya Lama saw a group of women working in the Dhaka weaving industry and thought it represented a great opportunity for women to earn an income and help support their families. This idea motivated her to start a Dhaka weaving enterprise of her own. She combined efforts with 10 other enthusiastic young women to form the Bhugdeu Laghu Uddhami Samuha group and joined the Punarnirman project.

The women participants in the Punarnirman Project were provided a 10-day Dhaka weaving training, conducted by industry experts from Kathmandu who shared their knowledge and various techniques, such as fixing frames, loom making, weaving, pattern designing, and even product marketing strategies. The project not only provided training, but also gave financial support to help the group of women purchase machinery and tools in order to start their Dhaka weaving business.

With the contribution from the Project, Buddhi Maya Lama and her friends have already started exporting Dhaka shawls and mittens to other countries. In a short time, their market network has extended as traders from Dhulikhel and Thamel have already started placing orders. CECI’s initiative in Nepal made a big change in the lives of these women and is promoting a sustainable livelihood for rural women.

With the help of the Punarnirman Project, the Bhugdeu Laghu Uddhami Samuha group impacted many other women and men in the Bethanchowk Rural Municipality. They have expressed their commitment to facilitate and help promote Dhaka weaving sales in other local areas, to contribute to the community’s economic empowerment.

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