Día mundial de la ayuda humanitaria 2016 (en inglés)

Today, 19 August is the World Humanitarian Day (WHD). The theme for WHD 2016 is "One Humanity".

More 130 million people worldwide are in need of humanitarian assistance. We  take this opportunity to recognize the aid workers, sometimes who put their lives at risk to support the people who suffer the impact of the disasters.

More than ever, we must all remain united and aware that only mutual aid, support, and commitment will make a difference to the survival of our humanity.Emergency response, livelihoods support, increase resilience and capacity building to withstand the shocks have been the keywords for our humanitarian actions.

More than ever, we want to thank our dedicated teams and strategic and inspiring partners in Senegal, Mali, Guinea, the Philippines, Nepal who helped us last year to assist the victims of drought and climatic hazards, political crises, health crises and natural disasters.

In 2015-16, in northern Senegal, through three projects, we distributed food to nearly 17,900 beneficiaries, supported 77,000 women and men in agricultural seeds and more than 3,435 very poor households benefited from cash distribution to counter the food crisis and the fight against malnutrition. In Mali, 54,000 women and men were supported with agricultural and livestock to counter food insecurity. In Guinea, 572,130 women and men were supported with hygiene kits and sensitization messages to prevent the Ebola epidemic. In Nepal, after the earthquake, 31,215 people were reached with food distribution, repair of 68 drinking water systems and 1,825 toilets. Following the typhoon Hagupit in the Philippines, 15,000 women and men were supported with reconstruction, livelihoods recovery and Disaster Risk Reduction strategies.

More than ever, finally, we express our gratitude to those who help us achieve our actions: our funders, our donors, our volunteers here and all around the world, and reiterate our promise to help the most vulnerable victims of humanitarian crises, together, for our humanity.

Humanitarian Aid Unit.

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