5to desafío cartitativo y deportivo del CECI : ¡92 participantes, 65 000$ recolectados! ¡Un éxito hasta el final! (en inglés)

On April 25, 2016, CECI took part in Scotia Bank’s fifth annual Charity Challenge. This event is met with great fanfare every year, as the network expands and fundraising increases!  

In 2012, 10 runners took up the challenge and raised $8,000. Now, in 2016, we are proud to announce the incredible results: 

92 people joined the challenge, 15 of whom completed the full 21 km! This year, our four teams were comprised of employees and former, current and future volunteers, ambassadors and friends of CECI!

$65,000 was raised, placing us among the top fundraising organizations! Our four incredible teams raised the funds to support the following programs:

  • Armande Bégin Fund to Empower Women in Mali, wholeheartedly backed by Yves Pétillon, the top Charity Challenge fundraiser! His team alone collected more than $46,000! -
  • Justice Prevention and Reconciliation for Women in Mali Project (JUPREC), which works to provide access to justice for people affected by the crisis, especially women and minors, and to ensure the utmost respect for their rights while peace and stability are restored in Mali.  -
  • Women Rice Parboilers Project in Burkina Faso (PAERIZ), supported by CECI’s Club des ambassadrices -
  • Uniterra Program, jointly operated by WUSC and CECI, works to economically empower women and youth in 14 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas -

Funds will be collected until May 23 to reach our fundraising goal of $70,000! Keep supporting us by following our teams’ links below!  

Thank you for everyone who has taken part in this wonderful human adventure!
Thanks to all our donors who have given so much to support us this year!

Check out our photos and video interviews from the event on CECI’s Facebook page

See you next year! 

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