#OneWorldInAction por la semana del desarrollo internacional (en inglés)

For the 2019 International Development Week (IDW), the Uniterra program by CECI and WUSC is showcasing the engagement of our network, in Canada and abroad, for a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world. Be inspired by all the actions shown in the photos of the #OneWorldInAction contest to follow suit and take part in the #DevInspired Photo Challenge launched by Global Affairs Canada for the IDW!

"In Burkina Faso, I contributed to the development of women's leadership by getting them to speak to different benefactors in the community, to make their needs known, to make contacts and to benefit from the resources needed for economic empowerment." – Frédérique Saint-Julien Desrochers, Uniterra Program volunteer in Burkina Faso.

"Sault College Local Committee asked people the following question: what does the word "woman" mean to you? The goal was to raise awareness and stand against gender-based violence, but also to let people reflect on the roles women play in today's world." – Ahmad Alkosani, Sault College Local Committee member, Canada.

"During my assignment with the Uniterra program in Guatemala as part of the ProAtitlán project, I contributed by removing invasive foreign plant species from Lake Atitlán to allow native plants to have more space to grow, and thus balance the lake's natural ecosystem." – Helena Arroyou, Uniterra Program volunteer in Guatemala.

These inspiring actions by international volunteers of the Uniterra programs and by members of WUSC’s local committees are part of the #OneWorldInAction exhibit. Find all the inspiring actions of these actors of change on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as on the Facebook page of WUSC’s local committees. You may also download the whole gallery, print it and share it!

You, too, can make a difference.

CECI is encouraging you to play an active part in combatting poverty by participating in the #DevInspired Photo Challenge launched by Global Affairs Canada: share a photo related to international development, explaining why it inspires you. Add the hashtags #DevInspired and #IDW2019 and encourage others to take action as well!

To learn more about international volunteering opportunities with the Uniterra program or to join a local committee of WUSC on your campus, visit


The #OneWorldInAction contest is part of the outreach activities of the Uniterra program, implemented by CECI and WUSC with financial support from the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada.

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